September 30, 2020 - BY Admin

8 Common Mistakes That Shorten the Life of Your Car

The car manufacturers of the present generation have raised the bar of innovation, by making their car have world-class functioning and elements. This makes every car a distinct piece of art and technology. But with new advancements, you need to have proper upkeep to extend the life of your car.

If you do not have the time or energy of keeping your car in the best condition, you can at least avoid a few mistakes that can shorten the life of your car.

Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Automobile and automotive spare parts, both need proper conditioning and upkeep to keep the car running for a long-run. A car is made up of many big as well as small components and taking care of all of them, will help the car to achieve life, beyond the standard years. Most of the drivers commit some unintentional mistakes that can hamper their car’s performance in the long-run. Below, we have mentioned a few mistakes that you should avoid at any cost!

1. Using inferior quality of fuel

This is probably one the biggest mistake you can make with your car. The inferior quality of fuel can damage the engine as well the automotive spare parts, making the car fragile. Use a better grade of fuel to enhance the overall performance of your car, making it stronger for the future.

2. Installing unsuitable parts

Sometimes a car can have a minor breakdown, which will require you to install new automotive spare parts in your car. Such parts include batteries, transmission box, spark-plugs and more. All these automobile spare part needs to relevant to your car. Do not settle for any other brand or quality, choose the genuine components for your car.

3. Going heavy on the brakes

Let your brake pads and rotors work for a long-term without any harm by keeping your foot away from it. Avoid putting heavy pressure on the brake pedals, to avoid the cost of replacement towards it.

4. No proper alignment of tires

Always check the tire alignments of your car as it can deeply affect its performance. Improper tire alignments can result in imbalance, which can also cause road accidents. On top of this, the improper alignment can adversely affect the fuel economy of your car, so take good care of the alignments.

5. Missing the regular services

No matter how new your car is, you need to let your car attend all the regular car services. Missing a service session can impact the performance of your engine. Thus never let your car miss regular services.

6. Probing all the levels of your car

You need to pay close attention to the sound of your car and its engine. Let your ears be active in catching a fault. The sooner you can notice a problem, the sooner your car can be repaired, making it run longer.

7. Not changing the engine oils

Engine oils need to be changed at regular intervals. Not changing the engine oil can cause the engine to develop some serious problems. So, do not forget to change it at regular periods.

8. Reckless driving around potholes

Potholes are the most common problems of the roads in India, thus you need to be careful while driving around them. Let us accept, India does not have the smoothest of roads, due to which the life of a car here is comparatively less than other infrastructurally advanced countries. The only way you can let your car have a better life cycle, is by driving cautiously around them.