Junior Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities

We set the highest standards in sales for our clients. . Our company’s nationally recognized sales team is dedicated to helping our clients develop their businesses into leaders within their respective fields. To help us with this process, we are looking for a driven innovator with creativity and a passion for emerging brands to join our team as a Junior Sales Manager.

The Junior Sales Manager is vital to our company. They must be able to communicate professionally and clearly with our clients and convey information to his manager weekly as part of the sales summary of deliverables. A complete competency for effective marketing and sales strategies are a must for our Junior Sales Manager. Projects can be numerous and the ability to multitask is a necessity. Foremost, it is important to relay to our clients that we have their best interest at heart and that they trust our abilities and judgment. This requites the Junior Sales Manager to have integrity, honesty, and transparency in all communications.

Employment Status
Junior Sales Manager
Educational Requirements


  • Develop relationships with our clients in a trustworthy manner. The goal here is to become an expert in their product lines and become the best advocate possible for getting those products into the hands of their target market and creating new levels of demand through effective sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Develop ideas for a strategic sales plan that leverages our technology and cross-departmental capabilities in order to consistently maintain a competitive edge above the competition.
  • Train and develop a team to assist the execution of the sales plan utilizing modern training methods and traditional one-on-one mentorship - we are looking for a true leader, not just a manager.
  • Taking the initiative to improve our processes as the business landscape is ever-evolving. Each week be prepared to share ideas for new sales prospecting, training, and business development.
  • Lead from the front by being the best sales-person on your team as well as the best sales trainer and able to adapt to different learning styles accordingly.
Experience Requirements

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Associate’s or Bachelor's degree and/or experience in business, sales, or communications.
  • General understanding of marketing and sales strategies
  • Professional appearance and excellent communication skills
  • Basic computer and software database knowledge
  • A creative mind with well-developed ideas and the ability to communicate them
  • Flexible with work schedule, professional and punctual
Additional Requirements

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Project management
  • Sales process support (resources, tools)
  • Sales reports and analysis (results, forecasting, etc.)
  • Participate in the definition and preparation of sales campaigns for use by iSales, TAMs and partners
  • Other general operations management activities
Job Location

5000 TL

Compensation & Other Benefits

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Send your CV to career@patriarch.company.

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