Patriarch FAQs

If you would like to become a partner of Patriarch Automotive Group, please submit an enquiry using the contact form. The more detailed information we receive from you, the faster we can answer to your request.

Contact our company by using the contact form or

Distribution partners can request catalogues just send an email to : or by using the contact form.

Distribution partners have the option, to provide feedback about a product/service directly on the website or send a simple email to : “Product Feedback” (details, price, quality).

Patriarch Automotive Group provides customised logistical solutions and all of the common shipping options: land, sea/container, air freight, KEP shipping, overnight express. There it is possible to collect an order on the same day and thus ensure an comprehensive supply of spare parts. For individual questions regarding the shipping options, please contact our Customer Services department by email :

The warranty conditions for Patriarch Automotive Group' Products can be obtained just sending an email to our team :

Please check the proof of purchase for when the product was purchased. The warranty period for Patriarch products is 24 months.

Credit notes are generated after inspection of the respective claim for a return, delivery difference and warranty claims where the provisions are complied with. Get further informations by sending an email to :

We supply the original manufacturer part. If the original is no longer available, we will work with the manufacturer of the part to identify a suitable replacement.

Sometimes parts are custom-designed for a particular OEM. If this is the case, the parts are usually only available from the OEM. In certain instances, we are able to supply parts, so please contact us with information for your specific part.

Virtually any type of component is available. We have supplied parts for most typical industrial equipment, but also some unusual ones -- hydroelectric plants, ski lifts, wind turbines, and ships.

We can typically coordinate repair at the manufacturer. If a part is deemed unrepairable, we will only invoice for the shipment cost to the manufacturer and any evaluation charge they have.

The more information the better. Typically, we would like to have whatever information can be found on the nameplate, but we need at least the manufacturer's name and part number. Information we would like to have when it is available/appropriate: serial number, town of manufacture, ratio (for gearboxes), electrical information (voltage, frequency, etc.)

While we do stock some items, most items need to come from the manufacturer.

For parts from other manufacturers, our technical support team may not have the answer, but will work with the manufacturer to provide needed support. We are typically not able to provide technical support for parts not supplied by our company.