As a distribution partner from Patriarch Automotive Group, you profit from a holistic concept. As a key account, we provide you with all-round support so that you can focus wholeheartedly on your role as a successful distribution partner for our product brands and as a service partner to the workshop customers. 

With your personal account manager, you will receive a 24/7 access to the information, products, and service offered by  Patriarch Automotive Group and have an overview of all transactions at every time and from everywhere just by asking.

We are Patriarch Automotive Group are aiming for long term mutual cooperation and entities based on contentment instead of short term commercial expectations and encouraging all our employees and collaborators to work for this goal. 

In order to create a brand experience, Patriarch Automotive Group promotes the brand presentation at POS and at trade fairs and events. Also, the brand and product training, the regular public relations work and the vivid social media community contribute to the worldwide increase in brand awareness and demand.

All measures for the support of distribution partners are bundled in the Partner Program by Patriarch  Patriarch Automotive Group, e.g. professional partner marketing support for target-oriented campaigns and brand-compliant communication for the active sales of branded products to the customers.

Our Partners : 

  • Mining Companies 
  • Logistics Companies 
  • Spare parts Dealers
  • Maintenance workshops etc